At Whitney Lauren Creative we believe that the paper of your wedding sets the style and tone of your big day. We believe in the power of touching something beautiful and holding on to it forever. After the food is gone and the flowers have been donated to the local hospital; after the dress has yellowed in its box and the china has been used for dozens of get togethers with friends and family, very few things remain. One of those things is your wedding paper.

We believe that your invitations aren't just a throw away detail; they are the physical proof of the beauty your wedding day held. They are quite literally a page in the story of your life. Don't leave something so important to a website that mass produces thousands of the same thing or a dusty notebook on a shelf. Let us create something beautiful and completely custom for you. Wedding suites that are romantic and classic, with a touch of whimsy and fun? Paper details that make your guests feel pampered and like they're witnessing something sacred and once in a lifetime? 

Yes. Let's do it. Email Whitney to get started!