Here at Whitney Lauren Creative we truly believe that our generation has the power to change the world.

Because of that, we are committed to donating to charities that help our country, and the world's, most vulnerable populations.

See a notebook with anchors in the shop? There's a good chance a part of that purchase is headed to the USO. A handlettered sign painted on driftwood? We're sending a check in for local hurricane relief. A market tote or grocery list? Buy it and you're helping feed the hungry. A mug or a tumbler? Let's help build some wells.

But sweet brides, when you book a full wedding with us- 20% of your total purchase is going to Girls not Brides. Because if we ever want anything in this world to change we have to get serious about educating girls. No nine year old should become a wife, or sold so her parents can make ends meet. Together we can change that.

We're firm believers of the idea that every dollar we spend casts a vote for the type of world we want to live in and we're committed to not just doing well- we want to do good.