You're fun and kind and truly believe in beauty. You curate a life that nods to the timelessness and elegance of tradition, but is full of interesting details. You're a gracious host and you love well and dream big. You hate just giving a gift card and always try to remember birthdays and anniversaries. You care deeply about the causes you volunteer with and give to and you believe in justice and that our generation can change the world....

You put so much thought into how you live your life, so why would you pick your correspondence out of a binder on a dusty shelf?

You wouldn't.

You wouldn't, because you're a flamingo. You always have a mischievous twinkle in your eye, you're always ready for a good time and you leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Your favorite parties are the ones that start by the piano and end in the pool and you know a little pink never hurt anything.

Me too! I believe that good design isn't one size fits all and that the paper you use to share the story of your life should be unique and one of a kind. That's why every invitation and every piece of personal stationery we create is designed with you in mind.  All of our work is completely custom and bubbling over with personal details that tell the story of you. Want more details? Email me and join the flock!